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Interspecies Communication in Jordan Peele's NOPE

29 November 2022 — this page hosts a recorded conversation between myself and Matou, a brilliant multidisciplinary artist as well as my best friend and co-conspirator 

Using Jordan Peele's film NOPE (2022) as our lens, we meditate on ideas of interspecies communications and the management of meaning—It is a dialogue on the ways we act and are acted upon by nonhuman animals and for which purposes. What ethical concerns must be considered in such correspondences? What kinds of psychic closure or comforts do they provide? 

A full transcript will be made available on this page shortly. 


Alimatou Demba, B.A. African American Studies and Comparative Literature (Columbia)

isaiah a. hines, B.A. Communication and Visual and Media Studies (CUNY Brooklyn College)

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